What is a "Magic Wrap"?

"Magic Wraps" are only Magic until you know how they work, then they are just an amazing product that will guarantee to lease your spaces faster!  "Magic Wraps" are the best of both worlds.  They offer FULL coverage to hide cold vacant spaces.  They also can be designed to offer "SEE-THRU" coverage with optically clear selected areas for potential tenants to see inside.  "Magic Wraps" are easily installed on the inside glass by leasing agents, property managers or anyone who touches your property.  No experience necessary.  They can be installed, removed, stored and reused in another space or another property stretching marketing bucks to new limits.  We offer Magic Wraps as FOR LEASE window signage without suction cups, tape or gel tabs and as FOR LEASE Window Wraps.  Our Magic Wraps have proven over and over to attract specific tenant types to specific spaces. .  “Magic Wraps" wraps will give your properties a mini facelift, turning your cold empty spaces into hot spots for new tenants.